Directions for Use

The mechanical action effectively loosens and removes wound debris.

  1. Grasp bottle top firmly and twist quickly in ONLY ONE direction, until seal cap snaps off.
  2. Attach applicator to bottle.
  3. Invert bottle. Using manual compression, direct stream into wound, ensuring complete coverage.
  4. Wait for approximately one minute, rinse with normal saline for irrigation.



Do not use this product if the patient is allergic to chlorhexidine gluconate.

Discontinue use immediately if irritation, sensitization or allergic reaction occurs.


Do not use unless solution is clear and bottle twist seal is intact.

When using this product keep away from eyes and ear canals.  If the solution should contact these areas, rinse out promptly and thoroughly with water and/or normal saline.

Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed physician.

Not for injection.

Single patient use only.


Not made with natural rubber latex

Single use, disposable

Self-contained, portable

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