Irrigation with Evidence

Irrisept is backed by testing and independent research 2-12


Jet lavage containing low concentration Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) 0.05% in Sterile Water for Irrigation, USP.

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Research methodologies include the use of laboratory studies, clinical trials, case studies, and research use only programs. We are committed to sharing our clinical data with the medical community, patients, the media, policy-makers and the public.


Irrisept Knowledge Center

Irrimax Corporation’s continuing education is committed to providing clinicians at all levels the necessary knowledge and education in an effort to prevent infections and introduce new and innovative solutions.


Research Program

Irrimax Corporation actively invests in a research program designed to support existing products and to identify new methods to help treat and prevent infections, reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes.

A new way to irrigate, Irrisept

The mechanical action of Irrisept removes particulate and debris.  Manual bottle compression allows user to control pressure of the solution.