Irrisept Overview

Irrisept is a debridement and cleansing system with 0.05% CHG in sterile water for irrigation.



Phase IV, multicenter, prospective, randomized, controlled clinical trial actively recruiting subjects.


About Us

Irrisept is helping to redefine irrigation. Learn more about the team behind the scenes.


Irrigates Without Harming Underlying Tissue

The mechanical action of the Irrisept system removes bacteria and debris in wounds without harming underlying tissues. The unique bottle design allows users to control the delivery pressure of the solution through manual bottle compression. Grasping the bottle firmly, the user can control the direction and pressure needed to remove bacteria, particulate and debris.

Why Irrisept

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More About Irrisept and 0.05% CHG

The low-concentration CHG used in Irrisept acts as a preservative and maintains product sterility throughout the product life cycle. Irrisept uses CHG in its pure form diluted in an FDA-registered GMP manufacturing site where the amount of CHG in the solution is tightly controlled and scientifically validated. The Irrisept product is aseptically filled and the sterility of the product is controlled during manufacturing. Irrisept is packaged in Tyvek-sealed containers and sterilized as a medical device system.